Your donation to the non-profit Vista Grove Initiative supports our shared effort at programming and study about the future direction of our Vista Grove community. We need to convene our citizens and have the best information about alternatives, including but not limited to cityhood, and what the ongoing activity in nearby municipalities, like annexations, means for us. We need to decide, together, the direction we want to take as a community. Your contribution will help promote a robust conversation inside the community about that direction. It may or may not be cityhood, but we should decide together, and based on the best information. If we do decide that for some or all of us, a new city is part of the future we want to build, that will take commitment from all of us and will require resources, for example, the costs of analyzing how to make a city feasible and most efficient. But whatever the direction we choose, your support helps make community-wide discussion possible and, in permitting study of how cityhood could work for Vista Grove, give us the chance to make a CHOICE about our community's future.

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